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Complaints and Appeals

Nationally Accredited Training

It is the objective of Bellarine Training and Community Hub to deal with any complaint or grievance in a confidential, supported and timely manner. This policy and procedure is to ensure that negotiation and discussion between the parties resolve a complaint/grievance with agreeable outcomes. It is recognised that from time to time individual staff members, tutors or students/clients may have a complaint/grievance that needs to be resolved in the interests of good relationships. Students wishing to formalise a complaint in regards to unfair treatment, unfair assessment or any other issue that they may feel grieved within will follow the procedure.

The Centre at all times will ensure that privacy and confidentiality is respected throughout the complaint handling process for all parties concerned.

If Bellarine Training and Community Hub have not met your expectation in dealing with your complaint or grievance and you have completed their appeals process and you still feel that the RTO is breaching or has breached its legal requirements, you can submit a complaint to the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Agency (VRQA) by completing the online complaint form: or by phoning the VRQA on 9637 2806