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The guiding principles of the Bellarine Training and Community Hub (BTACH) have evolved from community input and a strong philosophical base that developed from its initial meetings in the setting up of a neighbourhood house in the Ocean Grove area.

The sounding board of the BTACH translated the numerous discussions and meetings about “What is a good Neighbourhood Centre?” into the following beliefs and understandings:

  1. That each community is rich in human experiences and resources.
  2. That all members of the community have talents, which can be shared.
  3. That it is important for younger and older members of the community to meet in a warm supporting atmosphere.
  4. That all services offered by the BTACH should be accessible to all the community.
  5. That learning exchange programs should be encouraged.
  6. That tutors of community education classes, where possible, should be local people.
  7. That the Committee of Management of the BTACH remains flexible and alert to the needs of the community.
  8. That community education is not an end in itself but often a beginning for an individual’s new direction in life.
  9. That community education serves as a bridge for people of different backgrounds to find common ground together.