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Term 1 2020

Some of this training is provided with Victorian Government funding for eligible participants through Adult, Community & Further Education (ACFE). Those seeking funded places must meet the funding criteria to be eligible.

Computers 1

If you’re new or nervous about computers, this isIf you’re new or nervous about computers, this isthe course for you! Learn how to use a mouse, geta clear understanding of what is the Internet, whatis the Cloud, learn how to create Word documents,Excel spreadsheets, do a dash of graphic design withPowerPoint, and learn about and use email. Mostimportantly, learn how to resolve your computer questionsor hiccups yourself after the course is over! The course isWindows-based, not Mac.

Time & Date Fridays 1pm from 7th February
Fees 8x 2.5 hour sessions (funded) - $100.00
Tutor Leanne Mumford

Cyber Security For Seniors

Given the current security issues associated withthe Internet, it is important to have a good basicunderstanding of how to protect yourself online.Through this 1 hour course, you will become moreconfident with the security aspects of emails; using theInternet to pay bills, to access your bank account, tomake purchases online; recognizing phone calls that arescams, and lots more...

Time & Date Tuesdays 6pm from 25th March
Fees 1x 1 hour session - $15
Tutor Serge Botans

Youtube For Seniors

Youtube is a fantastic video resource website that coversa huge range of topics.Through it you can: learn a new skill or language,discover new information, watch full length movies, findout how to do something, get reviews on a product youare interested in purchasing, and lots more...In this 1 hour course, you will learn: how to search for theright videos, how to make comments, how to save videosyou like to your playlists, how to subscribe to channels,how to watch videos full screen, find out how long a videois, how to ‘like’ a video, and lots more...

Time & Date Wednesdays 1pm from 26th February
Fees 1x 1 hour session - $15
Tutor Serge Botans

Using Google For Seniors

Google is probably the best search engine on theInternet, and for good reason.You can use it to search pretty much anything... assumingof course, one knows how to search properly.In this 1 hour course, you will learn: how to do a generalsearch, how to search for local information, how to doexact searches, how to understand the page of resultsdisplayed and how to determine which result displayedis the one you want, how to find reviews on products youwant to buy, how to find the best prices for products youwant to buy, and lots more...

Time & Date Wednesday 1pm from 12th February
Fees 1x 1 hour session - $15
Tutor Serge Botans

Introduction To Excel

Excel allows you to develop computer records that involvecalculations or comparisons. Examples include householdbudgets or spending and other financial data, includingtax. It can also be used for record keeping related tohealth or fitness, e.g. blood pressure or sugar levels, DVDor CD collections, sports performance, weather or tidedata, etc. This short course provides an introduction tospreadsheets and data entry and manipulation using MSExcel and Windows. Please bring a memory stick to saveyour work.

Time & Date Tuesdays 4pm from 11th February
Fees 3x 2 hour sessions- $65
Tutor Barry White

Going Further With Excel

This course enables those with basic ideas about Excelto expand their skills in linking data within and betweenworkbooks, transferring data to Word or PowerPoint,inserting other items into Excel, using more complexformatting and improving presentation of spreadsheets and graphs.

Time & Date Tuesdays 4pm from 3rd March
Fees 2x2 hour sessions $45.00
Tutor Barry White

Buying a Tablet For Seniors

Tablets are a fantastic way to enjoy things like keeping in touch with your family via email or Facebook, watch videos, take photos, read books, listen to music, purchase things online, plan for a trip overseas, discover things to do while overseas, and lots more... without having a cumbersome laptop.This 1 hour course will cover the basic information you need to know in order to purchase the right tablet for your needs: screen size, operating system, storage size, screen quality, camera quality, weight, battery time, and more...

Time & Date Wednesdays 1pm from 11th March
Fees 1x 1 hour session - $15
Tutor Serge Botans