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Term 4 2021


Professional and Creative Writing

Unlock your storytelling potential!

Have an interest in writing? Would you like to write short stories, memoir, poetry, a novel? Publish a children’s book or finish the family history? Are you looking to upskill for work?

In a relaxed, encouraging environment come along and join likeminded people to write, read, discuss and be inspired. Classes include instruction in the craft of writing designed to enable participants to write in a number of genres and to build a folio of work.

Ideal pathway to further study. Or simply to enjoy writing for the satisfaction and enrichment it brings to life. Experienced and beginner writers welcome.

Minimum Year 10 English recommended.

This training is provided with Victorian Government funding for eligible participants through Adult, Community & Further Education [ACFE]. Those seeking funded places must meet the funding criteria to be eligible.

Time & Date Wed 9.30am from 20th October
Fees 8x3 hour sessions -
Funded: $100
Unfunded Fee : $240
Concession funded:$50
Tutor Carole Poustie


Introduction to Australian Politics

Like it or not, politics plays a vital role in the daily lives of us all. Decisions made by politicians or governments at any level – Local, State or Federal – can have a direct impact on what we do and how we do it.
Even though it might not seem so at some moments, our governments operate within a system which controls the amount of powers they have; and how they are able to use these powers.
Over six weeks, we will examine how our governments work: their structure, division of powers, how laws are made and the checks and balances on their authority.
At the end of the course, participants will have a good working knowledge of how our political system should operate and understand the respective roles of the various levels of government in Australia.
Presented by Mark Hoysted. Mark has been directly involved in Australian Politics for many years. He has also lectured and written extensively on our political system. Mark believes that if we all have a fundamental understanding of how we are governed, then our system of Australian Parliamentary Democracy will operate as it should do.

Time & Date Mon 6pm from 18th October or Fri 1pm from 29th October
Fees 6x2 hour sessions - $130
Tutor Mark Hoysted


History of Sport

Australians love their sport. In fact, it is often said that sport is the national religion of Australia. Wherever you look, sport has been a part of Australia in good times and bad. Sport gave our Diggers fighting overseas a much needed distraction; Phar Lap lifted the spirits of many Australians during the Great Depression and winning the America’s Cup in 1983 brought all Australians together in national celebration.

Over six weeks we will be looking at the role of Sport in Australia. Using our most iconic sporting codes, we will look at some of our greatest sporting heroes; how sport has developed over the years and how our sporting successes and failures have helped shaped modern Australia.

Whether you are a keen participant in sport; a regular spectator or an armchair expert, the ‘History of Sport’ will give you an opportunity to share your passion for sport with other like-minded sport’s fans.

The course will be presented by Mark Hoysted who is a passionate historian whose support for the Collingwood Football Club for over five decades, has taught him how important it is for the true fan to manage disappointment and setbacks over a long period of time..

Time & Date Mon 6pm from 18th October
Fees 6x2 hour sessions - $130
Tutor Mark Hoysted



Genealogists have calculated that if you trace your family back for 10 generations starting with your parents, you will discover a total of 2,046 ancestors –all directly related to you! Each of these people has their own story to tell about themselves and their families, as well as the times and places they lived in.If you are interested in discovering the story of your family, the Genealogy class is able to help; whether you are just starting out or if you have been researching for some time. Over six weeks, the course will provide you with the tools to trace your family history and information about where you can find out more about your ancestors.Genealogy is a fascinating activity which can been joyed by anyone. All you need is some time and a large dose of curiosity to find out more about your family.Just think: who knows who is waiting to be discovered amongst your 2,046 ancestors?

Time & Date Tues 6pm from 26th October or Wed 10am from 27th October
Fees 6x2 hour sessions - $130
Tutor Mark Hoystead


Basic Bicycle Maintenance

Intended for bicycle riders with limited repair experience, this course teaches fundamental methods for performing bicycle maintenance. It may begin as simply as the identification of bicycle parts and tools for working on them before moving into basic adjustments and maintenance. The basics include repairing gears and chains, changing flat tires and adjusting and replacing brake mechanisms. Other common tune-up procedures and emergency repair techniques are also covered. There will be some direct instruction, however this course will involve more hands-on practice with the bike. Students should bring their own bicycles to work on in class.

Time & Date Mon 6pm from 25th October
Fees 4x2 hour sessions - $90
Tutor Ralph Wright