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Term 3 2019

Evening Ukulele for Beginners

Learn to play the ukulele and sing a variety of songs in a relaxed group situation. In the process, learn basic theories of music and compile a list of songs that you may wish to practice in the comfort of your home.

Time & Date Tuesdays 6pm from 23rd July
Fees 8x 1hr sessions - $86
Tutor Tony Sestito

Beginners Ukulele

Learn to play the ukulele in an informal and fun group. Initially you will learn how to tune, hold and strum your ukulele. New songs, strums and progressions will build on your skills each week as you gain confidence. We will focus on learning a basic set of chords to enable you to play a wide variety of songs by the end of this course. This class would suit those who have not played before or need a refresher. All ages are welcome. BYO ukulele (or please contact us if you need to borrow one.)

Time & Date Mon 1pm from 12th August
Fees 6x 1hr sessions - $81
Tutor Jenny Gore

Ukulele Social Sessions

This is an open invitation to all ukulele players to join in to strum and have fun. You will be introduced to new songs regularly. Requirements: basic ukulele chord knowledge BYO ukulele

Time & Date Wednesdays 1pm from 24th July
Fees 8x 1hr sessions - $86
Tutor Tony Sestito

Plant Based Wellness using FOOD AS MEDICINE

This class introduces the uninitiated to the world of plant based living and furthers the knowledge for those already on the path. As the name suggests, we look at how the use of foods can heal and provide a real foundation for ongoing health and vibrant energy and conversely how the standard Australian diet can cause chronic illness and disease.
Knowing which foods are winners and which foods are losers can add years to your life and life to your years.
This is a two hour class includes the following:

  1. Class notes – handouts
  2. Sample foods
  3. Sample healing recipes

Class information covers:

  • Our deep relationship with food
  • How does food affect our health & longevity
  • Does ‘organic’ really make a difference?
  • Can we heal ourselves with a plant based diet?
  • The real cause of disease and ill health
  • Making the transition fun & fulfilling
  • Sample SUPER HEALING recipes to get started!

Time & Dates Thursday 6.30pm 1st August 
Wednesday 6.30pm 28th August or
Wednesday 6.30pm 18th September
Fee $45.00 1x2 hour session
Tutor Lisa Brand