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Term 2 2022


Unlock your storytelling potential!
Have an interest in writing?
Would you like to write short stories, memoir, poetry, a novel? Publish a children’s book or finish the family history? Are you looking to upskill for work?
In a relaxed, encouraging environment come along and join likeminded people to write, read, discuss and be inspired. Classes include instruction in the craft of writing designed to enable participants to write in a number of genres and to build a folio of work. Ideal pathway to further study. Or simply to enjoy writing for the satisfaction and enrichment it brings to life.
Experienced and beginner writers welcome.
Minimum Year 10 English recommended.

Start Dates: Tuesday 3rd or 31st May - 6pm to 8pm
Wednesday 1st June - 9:30am to 11:30am
Fees: $146
Sessions: 4 x 3 hours
Tutor: Carole Poustie

              Tuesday                                  Wednesday
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Genealogists have calculated that if you trace your family back for 10 generations starting with your parents, you will discover a total of 2,046 ancestors – all directly
related to you! Each of these people has their own story to tell about themselves and their families, as well as the times and places they lived in. If you are interested in discovering the story of your family, the Genealogy class is able to help; whether you are just starting out or if you have been researching for some time. Over six weeks, the course will provide you with the tools to trace your family history and information about where you can find out more about your ancestors. Genealogy is a fascinating activity which can be enjoyed by anyone. All you need is some time and a large dose of curiosity to find out more about your family. Just think: who knows who is waiting to be discovered amongst your 2,046 ancestors?

Start Date: Thursday 19th May
Times: 10am - 12noon
Sessions: 6 x 2 hours
Fees: $130
Tutor: Mark Hoystead
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Are you interested in Australian Politics? There will be a federal election in 2022. Over six weeks, we will examine how the election system works in Australia and
see if we can predict the outcome in 2022. Topics we will cover will include: how parties campaign, the critical issues for the voters in 2022, the role of the
leaders and what part the media will play in the election.

Start Date:17th May
Days: Tuesday 6pm - 8pm
Sessions: 6 x 2 hours
Fees: $130
Tutor: Mark Hoystead
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Have you wanted to write about your family’s history but don’t know where to start? This class is directed towards people who have already researched their family’s history
and would like to write up their researches in some form. Over six weeks, participants will be guided through the steps in how to begin writing their family’s history.
The course will include tips in different writing styles; planning your book or article and the best way to publish the finished product. At the end of the course, each
participant will have started their own writing project.

Start Date: 20th May
Days: Friday
Times: 10am -12noon
Sessions: 6 x 2 hours
Fees: $130
Tutor: Mark Hoystead
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Intended for bicycle riders with limited repair experience, this course teaches fundamental methods for performing bicycle maintenance. It may begin as simply as the identification of bicycle parts and tools for working on them before moving into basic adjustments and maintenance. The basics include repairing gears and chains, changing flat tires and adjusting and replacing brake mechanisms. Other common tune-up procedures and emergency repair techniques are also covered. There will be some direct instruction, however this course will involve more hands-on practice with the bike. Students should bring their own bicycles to work on in class.
The tutor does not have expertise/qualifications relating to E bikes and cannot offer advice on the batteries, motors etc. however he can offer basic advice on the mechanical components, puncture repairs, cleaning etc.

Start Date: 2nd May
Days: Monday 6pm - 8pm
Sessions: 4 x 2 hours
Fees: $90
Tutor: Ralph Wright


Historical dramas are some of our most popular programs on television. Downton Abbey, Vikings, The Tudors, Victoria and Chernobyl are just a few of the recent historical dramas on television which have become favourites with viewers around the world.
But just how accurate are they?
Over six weeks, we will look at a selection of the most popular historical dramas and compare them to the real people and events of their times.
At the end of the course, participants will have an understanding about which part of their favourite historical drama is history – and which part is drama!

Start Date: 18th May
Days: Wednesday 6pm - 8pm
Sessions: 6 x 2 hours
Fees: $130
Tutor: Mark Hoystead
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