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Term 1 2020

Zumba® Fitness In Ocean Grove

Zumba is a dance-based fitness program designed for every level of fitness. It’s a fun way to get your body moving, burn fat, tone up and increase your energy levels. You can go at your own pace, enjoy the movements to rhythms and beats from Latin, African, Pop-culture & other styles around the world.Come along and enjoy a new social outlet, become stronger, more confident and motivated.No prior experience is needed for this class, and all fitness levels are welcome!Mariela is looking forward to seeing you all for an hour of exhilarating and fun Zumba fitness dancing workout.Don’t forget to do more of what makes your heart beat!

Time & Date Mondays 6pm from 3rd February and/or Fridays 9:30am from 31st January
Fees Per 1hr session - $13
Tutor Mariela Gonzalez

Fit Forever

This group fitness class encourages co-ordination, strength, balance and flexibility. It is a low-impact workout which uses a variety of styles and equipment. Bring along your water bottle.

Time & Date Tuesdays 9am from 28th January
Fees Per week - $8
Fitness Instructor Heather Peck

Fit Forever Circuit

This is an energetic blend of functional strength training, cardio, balance and flexibility. It is a low impact circuit based class. Bring along your water bottle.

Time & Date Thursdays 9am from 30th January
Fees Per 1hr session - $8
Fitness Instructor Heather Peck

Gentle, Low Impact Exercise- NEW!

This group class suits older adults who are wanting to maintain or gain better overall fitness. This enjoyable, one-hour session will focus on strength, balance, flexibility and co-ordination. It is mainly chair-based and light weights will be used in the session Please bring along your water bottle.

Time & Date Wednesdays 9:30am from 29th January
Fees Per 1hr session - $8
Fitness Instructor Heather Peck

Cheng Ming Tai Chi- Beginners

Enjoy the gentle movement of Tai Chi to improve your balance, flexibility and co-ordination, gradually stretching and opening all the joints, improving blood flow, and providing gentle massage to the internal organs. Remembering the Tai Chi pattern and learning to move your body in new ways creates subtle new challenges for your brain, keeping both your mind and your body active and learning. Any ages and fitness levels are welcome. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and flat shoes.

Time & Date Wednesdays 6pm from 29th January or Thursdays 1pm from 30th January
Fees 8x 1hr sessions - $86
Tutor Leanne Mumford

Intermediate Tai Chi

Using the foundation skills developed in the beginners class, explore the more complex middle sections of the Cheng Ming Tai Chi form, including some of the most beautiful and well-known Tai Chi moves. This course covers the middle 50% of the Cheng Ming Tai Chi form.Prerequisite: At least one term of Beginners Cheng Ming

Time & Date Tuedays 2pm from 28th January
Fees 8x 1hr sessions - $86
Tutor Leanne Mumford

Tai Chi Advanced

Continue learning the 108 form Cheng Ming Tai Chi pattern and explore Nei Gong which is Internal Energy Work. Prerequisite: Cheng Ming Tai Chi sections 1 and 2

Time & Date Thursdays 11am from 30th January
Fees 8x 1hr sessions - $86
Tutor Leanne Mumford

Over 50’s Boogie Boarding Group

Time to grab your boogie board and have some fun in the small whitewater waves at Ocean Grove beach.Come and enjoy the many benefits of being in the surf. Your fitness and balance will improve too.A qualified surf lifesaver/surf instructor will be in the water, to make it a safe and supportive environment.BYO Boogie Board- Wet suit hire available at the beach.

Time & Date Fri 10am from 31st January
Fees 9x 1hr sessions - FREE
Facilitator: Heather Peck

Beginners Surfing for Women

Enrol in this 4 week course for an excellent introduction to basic surfing skills. Have fun, learn in a safe, supportive environment and get advice about equipment, surf safety and fitness for surfing. Wetsuits and soft boards are provided. Book early as numbers are limited.

Time & Date Fridays 9:30am from 14th February
Fees 4x 2hr sessions - $190
Tutor Heather Peck

Walking Group

Walking GroupMeet at the Hub to walk with a small group around the local area. This is a great chance to meet new people and keep fit at the same time. New members welcome!

Time & Date Thursdays 9am from 30th January
Fees Gold coin donation welcome


Enjoy Yoga poses, stretching, breathing practices and relaxation for fitness and well-being. This class will help those people coping with stress, recovering from illness or improving their health. Please bring a mat and blanket or towel.

Time & Date Tuesdays 6pm from 28th January
Fees 10x 1.5 hr sessions - $135
Casual session - $15
Tutor Jannie Kemp

Home Made Natural Beauty Products-NEW!

Home made natural beauty products-NEW!Natural skin products make a great gift or to use at home. Learn how to make all natural skin products at home. In this workshop you will learn how to make at home healing calendula oil and lavender soft skin scrub/ bath product and about the healing properties and uses of these two products. Healing calendula oil is also a must for your first aid kit.

The lavender soft skin can be used as a scrub or bath- soak, a handy multi use product. You will get to take home both finished products and detailed instructions will be given to take home. Ingredients for this workshop are easily obtained locally.

Time & Date Friday 10am on 13th March or Wednesday 6:30pm on 18th March
Fees 1x 1.5hr sessions - $50 (materials included)
Tutor Rochelle Hadjiloukas

Homeopathy for the Family- NEW!

This short course is designed to teach you how to safely treat every day common complaints such as colds, coughs, teething, earache and first aid situations such as bruising, sprains , joint pain and more..This course teaches you how to safely treat first aid and everyday common ailments with Homoeopathy.Homoeopathy is an energetic form of medicine that gently stimulates your body to regain its healthy balance.Homoeopathy treats each person as an individual who has their own unique way of expressing when the whole person is not in balance. These are called symptoms.The Homoeopathic approach is to look at this symptom picture which will include both mind and body and find a Homoeopathic remedy to match this symptom picture.The Homoeopathic remedies are gentle and safe – using very small amounts (Nano doses) to gently stimulate the healing response.

Time & Date Wednesdays 6.30pm from 19th February or Fridays 6.30pm from 14th February
Fees 4x 1.5hr sessions - $81
Tutor Rochelle Hadjiloukas

Mindful Meditation

Mindfulness simply means paying attention to the present moment. We live in busy times and our attention is often focused on many different things at once. This can make us feel stressed and exhausted. Take an hour out of your day and learn how to give your mind and body a rest.Learning and practising mindfulness can help you to cope with everyday life and deal with tough times. It can also help you to concentrate, relax and be more productive.

Time & Date Tuesdays 10.15am from 28th January
Fees 8x 1hr sessions - $2.50
Tutor Rochelle Hadjiloukas