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Term 1 2021


Basic ‘Survival’ French For Travellers

Are you going for a holiday in France and would you like to get by with very basic and simple French? Then this class is for you! The course will cover the very basics you will need to know to make your holiday much more enjoyable: how to pronounce the French alphabet (and why), how to count to 100, the gender of words and their definite/ indefinite articles, negation, the use of ‘tu’ and ‘vous’, greetings, telling the time, courtesy phrases, how to ask questions and more... We will be focusing on very basic and essential grammar, as well as on pronunciation and basic vocabulary for lots of situations/locations.
This is not a French Conversation course but a ‘survival French’ for those who want to feel empowered with a very basic command of French while travelling through France. The class will be run by a native Frenchman.

Time & Date Thursdays 6pm from 4th February
Fees 9x 1.5 hr session $146
Tutor Serge Botans


Italian for Total Beginners

This course is suitable for beginners who have done three terms of Italian and would like to further their knowledge of the language. Participants enrolling in
this course have the option of continuing with their
Italian to achieve a higher level of proficiency and fluency.
The learning of any language involves listening, speaking, reading and writing; all four of these strands will be incorporated in this course. Participants will engage in interactive activities to practise these skills. Grammar is covered appropriate to each level. Lessons are delivered in a learner friendly manner.

Time & Date Wednesdays 7pm from 10th Feb
Fees 8x 1.5 hr sessions - $130
Tutor Maria Sestito


Intermediate Italian 2 T1

This course continues on from intermediate Italian term 4 which students must have completed to join this class

Time & Date Tuesdays 7pm from 9th Feb
Fees 8x1.5 hr session $130


Intermediate Italian 1 T3

This course continues on from intermediate Italian term 2 which students must have completed to join this class

Time & Date Wednesday 5pm from 10th Feb
Fees 8x1.5 hr session $130

Spanish for beginners

Thinking of travelling overseas, wanting to learn a new language or simply to have some fun to keep your mind busy? Then this course is for you! No previous experience needed.

Time & Date Thursday 4pm from 11th February
Fee $135.00 8x1.5 hour session
Tutor Maria Jose Sanmiguel