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BTACH commenced a youth program in January 2000 to cater for the needs of young people residing on the Bellarine Peninsula. The age group for the program is young people from Grade 6 to year 12 or equivalent.

drop in 01The program is facilitated by qualified youth and social workers and has no affiliations with any church denomination. The participants are involved in every aspect of the program including deciding on activities, camps, meals and workshops. Drop in is available every Friday night during school terms from 6pm to 9pm (excepting excursions when we may be a little later) and costs between $5 and $20 depending on the activity. All in house events are $5.00 and this will cover the cost of staff and dinner. A camp is held annually for 4 days and may include interstate travel. These camps give the youth workers opportunities to work with young people and build leadership skills in a safe non-threatening fun environment.

Over the past 16 years the program has achieved the following outcomes for over 3000 young people residing on the Bellarine Peninsula.

  • Supported young people through emotional issue, family mediation and support, bereavement of a young person who passed away and young people‚Äôs family members,
  • Support through schools including young people at risk of leaving school, peer pressure, bullying, including cyber and mobile phone etiquette and anger management.
  • Support and referral for young people who require extra support.
  • We have built a positive relationship between youth and local police.
  • Built confidence and self-esteem amongst young people.
  • Developed young leaders.
  • Young people have completed a first aid course free of charge funded by Rotary.
  • Young people have had the opportunity to speak publicly at Rotary and Lions service clubs about their achievements and issues
  • We have encouraged young people to put their artistic abilities to a positive use and held a youth art show.
  • We have encouraged young people to make their own decisions, enhancing self-esteem and confidence within themselves.

This program has been recognised and is highly regarded through state and regional governing bodies. Our program has been awarded with the following community awards.

  • Two youth workers have been awarded Youth Worker of the year on separate occasions.
  • Kookaburra award
  • Alcoa Foundation award
  • Prime Super Community Group of the year award.

Drop in program would like to acknowledge the following funding bodies for their financial contribution;

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